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Play Room Set-up

We've gotten a lot of questions about how to set up a play-room for children. Some parents even sent us pictures of their play areas seeking advice on the best way to display or rotate toys around, so I decided to do a blog post about it.

Three key things to think about when setting up a play area/room:

1. SAFE: make sure the area designated for your child to play is safe and has enough room for your child to move around freely.

2. LESS IS MORE: research suggests that children with a lot of toys tend to get distracted and are less engaged in their play.

Kathy Sylva (professor at Oxford University) found that after studying 3000 kids "when children have a large number of toys there seems to be a distraction element, and when children are distracted they don't learn or play well".

In addition to this, children can get overwhelmed with a lot of choice. Tip: rotate their favorite toys.

3. SUPPORT: be there for emotional and physical support. But keep in mind that children should be the active agents of their play.

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