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by Arianne Haneine 


Fyn Fun Play is a child-led, progressive education blog to empower parents and caregivers to engage meaningfully with their children. 

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Our Views on Play 

At Fyn we firmly believe early childhood is the building blocks for children's later life. Therefore, we must provide children with purposeful experiences that aid them in their development. At Fyn we also believe that progressive education, experiential learning and open-ended materials allow children to explore and develop meaningful skills through a play-based approach. We regard play as the highest tool for learning in the early grades and agree that play is the way children make sense of the world around them. 

In line with research on the topic , “Children learn through play, exploration, material manipulation and kinesthetic movement using not only their eyes and ears, which is where the primary focus on developing literacy skills tends to be, but also through their attention, engagement (…) which increases when the activity is fun and is meaningful to them” Deetsch, Glass, Jankowski, Mylander, Roth, & Wharton, 2018. p.148. “Not only does play provide ongoing enjoyment, it also has the ability to support a variety of important developmental milestones ranging from movement development to language, conversation and problem-solving abilities” Houser, Roach, Stone, Turner, Kirk, 2016, p.1.

About Me 

Hi, thanks for visiting our site! My name is Arianne Haneine Stern. The idea for Fyn came about whilst completing my first graduate masters programme in Early Childhood Education at Bank Street College of Education in NYC.


Following on from Bank Street, I had the chance to develop hands-on experience at the Horace Mann School, which runs a renowned education programme. From there, I moved to the UK to further study education through a masters programme in Child Development and Education at the University of Oxford. Now I work as an Ed Tech consultant giving educational expertise and curriculum content. 


At Fyn we believe play is the way children make sense of the world around them and can be a wonderful tool to give them a great start in life. We look forward to helping you with our content and shaping future generations!